Reinstall office 365

Reinstall office 365

Learn how you can Uninstall Office 365 from your operating system

To commence with the uninstallation of the Office 365 product you first need to download the Office Uninstaller Tool. You can download it directly by visiting the official page of Office and then go to the Support page. On the Support page, you have to navigate for the uninstaller tool. Once you get it, you will observe the Install button next to the tool in order to download it successfully on your device. Tap on the Install button and it will begin the download process. 

Continuing with this, you have to run the application, just by tapping on the Run tab from the window that appears. Following this, you have to pick the Office 365 to Reinstall Office 365 temporarily from your device. Thereafter, you have to carry on by following the prompts on the screen very carefully. Furthermore, you have to restart the computing device that you are using at present. Instantly after this, the uninstall tool will automatically launch the uninstaller on your computing device. In the end, follow the rest of the online instructions to complete all the steps involved in uninstallation.

General steps to Reinstall on your preferred operating system

General steps to Reinstall Office 365 on your preferred operating system

On Windows Operating System 

Once you have successfully done with the Office 365 Download process, move towards the next stage that is Reinstalling the product. To do so, firstly visit the Downloads section in your computing device or if you have changed the location while downloading the setup file open that folder. 

When you got the setup file of Office 365, place your cursor and double-click on it. Continuing with this, you will be presented with the Security Warning pop up box. Here,  as per the web explorer that you are using you have to choose the option, such as Run option in Microsoft Edge or Intenet Explorer, Setup in Google Chrome, and Save File in Mozilla Firefox. Moving on, you have to choose the Yes option from the next screen that appears. Apparently it will begin the installation. Lastly, you will get the message once the installation part is over. 

On the Mac Operating System 

In the initial stage, open the Finder and straightaway visit the downloads section and from there you have to double-tap on the installer.pkg file. Soon after this, you have to hit the Continue tab from the Welcome window that appears. Have an in-depth analysis of the Software License Agreement and opt for the Continue button. If prompted, pick the Agree option to continue with the Reinstall Office 365 process. In case, you wish to change the installation location, do it, and then click the Install tab. In the middle of the process, you have to mention the Mac login credentials, enter it carefully. 

On Mobile Device 

For reinstalling Office 365 on a mobile device, open up either the Play Store on android mobile or App Store on the iOs devices. You will then have to search for Office 365 by inserting it into the search field. After this, you have to opt for Office 365 from the drop-down menu list that appears. Continuing with this, click Install or Get Started tab to begin the Reinstall Office 365 process. Thereafter, tap on the Agree or Allow tab if prompted on your screen.  Immediately it will commence the installation process, wait for a while to complete. In the end, once the installation part is finished, choose the Open tab and sign in to your Office account.


Q1. Unable to found the subscription in my Office account? What to do? 

Ans. Sometimes while reinstalling Office 365 from another account, you will receive a message Unable to found the subscription in my Office account. This error generally happens when you have multiple Office account and you are using another account to install the subscription. So, as to recover this error it is must that you should be logged into the same Office account that you have registered at the time of purchase of Office 365. 

Q2. What should I do if the Office Uninstaller Tool is not working? 

Ans. In case, you face problems while using the Office Uninstaller Tool in order to uninstall the Office 365 products from your device, follow some of the troubleshooting tips. 

  1. Ensure that you are downloading the Office Uninstaller Tool from the support page of the official site of Office. Don’t download it from any other webpage otherwise, it might create a problem in working. 
  2. While downloading the tool make sure that you are getting the proper wi-fi network connection. 
  3. You must complete all the installation steps without skipping any step to install the Uninstaller tool. 
  4. Use the latest version of a web browser to access the web page to download the tool.