Office 365 Download

Office 365 Download
Step-by-step Guide to Activate your Office Product.

Office 365 Download

Office 365 integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office and with other Microsoft applications that makes communication and collaboration easy with the co-workers in the office. This application has advanced and top grade security with cloud based storage that stores all your important information in the cloud. Just by doing so, you can safeguard all your important information without worrying about the storage space. To get most of the Microsoft Office 365, it is necessary to complete the Office 365 Download process. The following guide will assist you in downloading this Office suite with the easy to follow steps that are discussed below.

Essentials required for Download

Office 365 Download​

At the time of downloading Office 365 there are certain things that you must require for the hassle-free deployment of this application. Have a glimpse on the following prerequisites given below. 

  • The very first thing is that your PC or laptop must be linked with the strong and Wi-Fi network connection. While connecting make sure your system is connected with the right wi-fi connection. Just in case, you are not receiving the appropriate network, then opt for wired connection using the Ethernet cable. 
  • Ensure that you have purchased the Office 365 Office suite which is compatible with your operating system. 
  • Uninstall the previously added Office 365 software from your device to download the latest version of it. 
  • You must have a User account that is hooked up with the Microsoft Account. This account is required at the time of Office 365 Download. 
  • Remove all the unneeded files and browsing history so that your system can operate smoothly without any disruption.

Stepwise Instructions To Purchase Office 365

  • In the preliminary stage, you first have to purchase the newest version of the Office 365 through an Online webpage. In short, you have to access Microsoft Office’s online portal  i.e 
  • Once you reach the main webpage, hover your cursor and press the Microsoft 365 option from the very top. 
  • In the upcoming screen, look at the top and select the Products tab. You will be instantly represented with the list of Office products available as per your needs and requirements. To know more about the products that are available simply opt for See More options.
  • Pick up any one of the products that suits best in accordance to your needs. Hit the Buy Now button and proceed further with the Office 365 Download. 
  • After this, you are directed to the Sign In webpage ““. Insert the correct username and password to login to your Microsoft Office account. 
  • If you don’t have a particular account with Microsoft, you have to first create one using the on-screen prompts carefully. 
  • Add the payment method along with its type in the card details appropriately. Once you have completed all the details recheck it twice and instantly Place Order.

Descriptive Procedure To Perform Downloading Process

Office 365 Download​

After purchasing the appropriate subscription of Office 365 move towards the next step of setup which is Office 365 Download. Here is the complete and straightforward procedure through which you can download it easily without any intervention. 

    • Access the secure and safest web browser that is free of spam and frauds that can interrupt in the functioning of your system. 
    • Thereafter, form a stable internet connection between your router as well as with your computer. 
    • Once the connection is established successfully, visit the main website of Office via 
    • You are then required to select the Profile icon to access the sign in page of Microsoft Office. 
    • As a result, it will straightaway redirect you to the Microsoft Sign In page. Give either the Email address, Skype ID or Phone Number whichever is registered at the time of Office Sign Up process. Alternatively, you can also tap on the Sign In Options and can sign in via GitHub. Once opted for any of the methods to sign in, press the Next button. 
    • Soon after this, you have to mention the password for the same within the specified text field and opt for Sign In. 
    • Afterwards, access the Services and Subscription page where you will find your Office 365 subscribed. Along with this, you will get the Install button, click on it and pursue the Office 365 Download process. 
    • Finally, wait until the downloading process gets over. It is advised that do not switch between two screens until the downloading process gets over. This is so as it might interrupt in the Office 365 Download process. 
    • At last, reboot your computing system once the process of downloading is over. 

There are another two distinct ways through which you can complete the Office 365 Download. The first one is through the Order Confirmation email. Another one is through the Microsoft Office’s Accounts Portal.

How To Install Office 365 Setup File?

Install Office 365
  • There are two different mediums through which you can install the Office 365 product on your device. Either you can install via Installation CD Drive or through the downloaded office setup file. 
    • Install Office 365 Via CD– 
        • To install this software, you first have to unpack the CD cover and take out the CD from it. Continuing with this, put the CD into your system’s CD/DVD Drive.
        • Doing so, it will automatically start installing the application into the operating system that you are using at present.
        • After this, you might be asked to add the Office 365 product key that you get along with the retail card that you get with the Installation CD. 
        • Once you insert the activation key correctly, move further and thoroughly review the MS Office’s Software License Agreement. 
        • At last, wait for a couple of seconds for the installation process to get over, press the Close button to exit from the installation wizard. 


    • Install Office via Online Downloaded File 
        • Once you are done with the Office 365 Download process, you have to install the online downloaded file. To do so, locate the setup file which is saved in the system’s default location which is the download’s folder, click on the setup file twice. 
        • Apart from this, you can also use the shortcut keys by pressing the Ctrl + J keys altogether to access the download window.
        • By doing so, you will be represented with the Run option, click on it and move to the next step.
        • After this, you will be taken to the Installation Wizard where you will notice the Install tab, simply press it.
        • It will initiate the installation process, once it gets over you will be prompted with a message Installation complete. 
        • In the end, click on the close button to conclude the entire installation process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans. Microsoft Office account is required to purchase the trial version of the Office 365 subscription. Moreover, it is required at the time of Office 365 Download. To create a particular account with MS Office, follow the below given steps. 

  1. Launch any of the web browsers that you usually use on the computing device on which you want to operate Office 365. Along with this, attach your PC with the strong broadband Internet network. 
  2. Go to the official website of Office using the web address “”. 
  3. Now, look at the upper right corner and choose the Profile icon to get the desired webpage on your screen. 
  4. From the next screen, navigate and opt for the Create One! Link to access the office sign up window. 
  5. You are supposed to add the email address or valid mobile number that you want to hook up with the Office account. And then, simply hit the Next button from the bottom of the page. 
  6. Next, you have to build a very strong and distinct password that you have not used before with any other online portal. Here, it is advised not to use consecutive numbers or alphabets while creating the passwords as it is easy to guess.
  7. Afterwards, you will instantly get the Verification code on the email address mentioned above. Copy down the code into the verification page and move ahead with the setting up of the account for Office 365 Download.
  8. Now, you will get the Captcha Code, analyze it carefully and write down the characters correctly without making any mistakes and click next. 
  9. Finally, your Office account is created and now you can access it to purchase the legitimate Office 365 product.

Ans. To get the trial version of Office 365 you have to go through the following process. 

  • Open any of your prefered web browsers and then look at the address field and ente Continuing with this, tap on the Microsoft 365 option from the top of the page. 
  • From the main webpage of Office 365, click on the For Home tab that is located at the left hand side of the page. 
  • After this, click on Try Free For 1 month option and wait for the page to load properly. 
  • Once again you are supposed to press the highlighted Try 1 Month Free tab to continue with the Office 365 Download process. 
  • Instantly, you will get a Sign In page right in front of you firstly add the email address linked with this account and hit the Next button. 
  • Enter the corresponding Password appropriately without making any typing mistake into the specified fields and tap Next.
  • Provide the appropriate payment information by optong the mode of payment that you are using at present. 
  • Note: Remember that once the trial period gets over you will be charged for the Office 365 product. Make sure that you remove the card details if you don’t want to pursue the services further.
  • Cross-check the details entered and then successfully place an order.
  • Hence, you are successfully signed in to the free trial services of Office 365.